My travels and experiences while couch surfing

Rise, Rise, and more Rise. And Boston.

on February 26, 2012

From February 15th to 18th I stayed at my long time close friend Erin’s house.  I’ve known Erin for about 7+ years now, her family is my family and I love them dearly.  Nothing too eventful ever happens at their house but its always a comforting place to be.  Erin’s other close friend, Ray, always hangs around there a lot.  He’s an amazing friend, he rescued me on more then one occasion.  I am thoroughly convinced that Erin and Ray should get married,   it will happen some day.  Her whole family agrees, and even they both know deep down that its ment to be.
On Friday the 17th I introduced Ray to my favorite club, Rise.  Every Friday they have whats called Wonderland. Its not a typical club, its a club mimicking a rave.  The vibe is filled with plur and happiness.   Needless to say, he fell in love with it. Who wouldnt fall in love with it?  So the very next day he wanted to go back again.  I had never been on any other day, I adore Wonderland and I’d rather be there on that day then any other.  But Ray wanted to check it out, so I used the opportunity to grab a ride to Boston.   We were unaware that the club didnt open until 1AM on saturdays so we got there very early.. Ray went to a bar to kill the time till the doors opened and I went off on my way to my next couch to crash on.
Saturday night after leaving Ray at the bar, I made my way to Zia’s place over in JP(Jamaica Plane).  I met Zia at club Rise a few weeks before, we had ended up going to a 24 hour cafe after the club with a group of people and all chilling.   Zia is a gentleman and a great host.  It was already pretty late when I got there so we went to sleep after hanging out for maybe an hour.  He insisted I sleep in the bed, and he on the floor.
The next day we mostly just chilled, around 5 Zia had things to do so I went out and hung around some of my favorite places in the city, such as Harvard Square, China Town, and the Boston Common.  I was going to eat at Veggie Planet in Harvard Square but they were take out only, so I hung around and chatted with the Harvard Square group of homeless guys.  They’re all out of their tree but generally nice people.  I ended up eating at My Thai Vegan Cafe in China Town.  Its an amazing cafe, It was the first vegan/vegetarian cafe I had ever been to when I was a lot younger so it holds a special place in my heart.  From there I walked over to Boston Common and met two people that had just come from an Emilie Autumn concert, they were all dressed up for the show and had awesomely friendly personalities.
Later that night I headed back to Zia’s place and met up with his friend Rich. The three of us went to a special long weekend Sunday Rise event, and as always I made new friends, saw old friends, and went to the 24 hour cafe down the street afterwards.
For the most part the rest of the weeks details are a blur to me.  After Sunday Rich and I have both been crashing at our friend George’s house.  We go to bed late, eat pancakes in the ‘morning’ (really by then its the afternoon), go places and do things around the city, and hang out.
The BIG event of the week was last night at Rise (where else would I be on a Friday?).  Unfortunately the headliner of the event, Organ Donors, was denied entrance in to the country because of a complication with their visas.  The party was still amazing.  It blew my mind.  I knew so many of the people there, and met so many more. The good vibes and amazing music make me incredibly happy.

I wish I could type up every moment of this weeks events because its been so great, but I guess some things are to be kept in my head.


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