My travels and experiences while couch surfing

Ravers Heaven

on March 3, 2012

This week started out perfectly with a simple mission, to acquire plastic beads to make kandi.  Myself, George, Rich, and Joe went to Michaels craft store and discovered raver kandi making heaven.  The mission was completed successfully, to say the least.  We got a huge amount of beads.  The rest of the day (and randomly throughout the week)we all sat around stringing the beads one by one on to shitty stretch cord.  Many a time work in progress was dropped to the floor (#raverproblems).  I got colorful tiny jingle bells to add to all the bracelets to give away, it makes them more special then the average single row kandi.  George isnt in to making kandi but he is into impressing girls, all week he’s been asking the rest of us to make bracelets for him so he can give them away.  Clearly he doesnt understand the point.. haha
It seems George’s place keeps picking up new couch crashers along the way, First Rich, then me, then came Greg, and then John, and sometimes Joe as well.  Greg came along with George’s friend Marc one night to hang out, that night the two of them crashed here and in the morning Marc left but Greg has yet to leave.  The next day Greg and I tagged along to Quincey with Rich to meet up with his buddy John, That night John tagged along back with all of us and he has been here sense as well.  Joe comes and goes, but mostly he’s been here.  Its been one big long slumber party.
It reminds me of 3 years ago when I first moved in with my ex, Dave, and his room mates, Mikey and Jared in Ayer.  People came and went, crashed for a night, or for months. Drank, stayed up all night and slept all day, smoked cigarette after cigarette, and lived like they’d never have nice things anyways so why not fuck them up.  I dont exactly like living like life is a slumber party but part of me misses the times I had 3 years ago, when Dave was still a mystery man that I wanted to figure out.  I guess its kind of nice because Im the age now that Im actually supposed to be living crazy, not a 16/17 year old living in a world without order.
A couple days this week it had been too rainy to do much more then sit around, and go on short walks to the train station and back to bum butts.   Bumming cigarettes is one of the weirdest things I think I missed about being a smoker 2 or years ago. I love having an excuse to talk to people, especially people around Boston.  Sometimes I run in to some strange people but the majority of the time everyone is friendly.  On one of my bum walks a little old man told me I was beautiful and asked if I was looking for a boyfriend.  Normally I’d have been creeped out by this but he was so sweet and polite about it.  Another time I accidentally called a man ‘Miss’…  Im not entirely sure if it was a transvestite, a man that liked feminine clothing, or a woman with horrible luck, but either way it was awkward and made me feel horrible.
Thursday my friend Rose was in Boston looking for someone to hang out with after work at the Boston Ballet place so I asked her to come by, I fed her ramen noodles and then we took a trip over to Starbucks in Allston to see the lovely Tiana at work.   Tiana is one of the sweetest people I could possibly know, she made myself and Rose awesome food and drinks with love and sweetness.  I hadn’t had any real food in about a week, living off ramen, pizza, pasta, and toast. Toast is a homeless delicacy, for your information.  So starbucks food was my tummy’s salvation.  After starbucks I waited for the train with Rose, said goodbye, and headed to the T to go back to George’s.
Along my way I ran in to two very lost guys on the subway..   I took the T out of my way with them to show them where they were supposed to go, they were headed to Alewife from North Station and I guess didnt know how to read a map.  Turns out they were ravers too!  I hope to see them around again at a rave or in the cuty because I forget both of their names and we didnt exchange numbers.
Finally after another long blurred together week Friday came.   I got to hang out with Rose again before Rise, We were going to go to the store to get some makeup she had on hold but the Boston College green line T was taking far too long to come though.. We ended up hanging out at the station and then she and I went our separate ways to home.  As always my whole week is mostly me looking forward to the Wonderland event.  Rise was a huge disappointment last night… Shitty music, bad vibes, and mostly dead all night. It was the first time I ever wanted to leave Rise early.  I hope they never hire the DJ’s they had on last night again…  On the bright side I got to see a lot of my beautiful friends there, which always cheers me up.
George’s crashing space is now down to just me. Everyone else got kicked out.. I cook and clean, and Im pretty quiet, so him and his room mate told me Im welcome to stay.  Im thinking Im going to bounce on to the next place soon anyways, seems like its about time.  We’ll see what the next week brings..


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