My travels and experiences while couch surfing

Thrown together.

on March 22, 2012

I havent updated in a while so I’ll try to remember as much as I can and describe things briefly.  Luckily I started a list a while back to remember some things, So instead of writing a 1000 page essay I’ll leave this list…

Aubrey on Sunday with Lindsay and Patrick
Toppers hats
Costume store window
Angel’s mom
Peppermintshot things, honey whiskey, Lyndsey’s banana lollipop
Starbucks espresso
no sleep
More espresso
Joe all day Monday
Costume store
Mission to make masks, trip to Michaels area
Very distracted.. went to pet store and babies R us instead
pacifiers, teething rings, little robot bug
Best buy fucked up Joes phone
Met up w/ Rich at copley
Greg setting me up, camera stolen, muffin eaten
Rose crashed @George’s
Met up with Rose’a friends next day.
Met up with Mike, pizza, movie in best buy

Alright.  After that I dont remember much detail, it all ends up blurring together because of how busy I’ve been. I went to Rise as usual.. And there was Dance Dance Rave-O-lution, visiting my ex for a few days in Ayer, making new friends, staying at Ham’s house in Chelsea, back to visit Ayer again, and now here I am in Fitchburg trying to throw this blog together after a long day of looking for my little brother and missing 4 trains back to Boston.

Next time I’ll try to update again in a week so its not horrible and boring again.. whoops.


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